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My name is Tony Tumminello and I'm a Senior Content Developer/Photographer: a Front-End Web Developer who also works as Director of Photography for in-house shoots.


  • Sterling-Rice Group, Boulder, CO

    Senior Content Developer/Photographer, March 2014 - Current

    Initially hired as a replacement front-end developer, my role here has evolved to encompass quite a number of new responsibilities in addition to continuing to have my expected developer responsibilities, such as becoming the go-to person for developing custom HTML emails for our clients. I am now a significant part of the company's new Content Studio where I manage the company's photography and videography equipment, participate in shoots as the director of photography, edit videos, and have even dipped into more experimental content such as a "hologram" which we constructed for a large company event.

  • Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Boulder, CO

    Front-End Developer, June 2012 - January 2014

    Originally brought on as an intern for the June - August cycle, I was hired on full-time after my time as an intern was up. I was responsible for assisting in developing web pages from scratch utilizing comps from the design department, as well as jumping on projects that required additional resources mid-development. I frequently volunteered to work on mobile development portions, as I enjoyed the challenge of creating responsive web pages that could be enjoyed across a variety of devices.



  • HTML
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • PHP
  • Wordpress
  • Foundation (learning)


  • Sublime Text/VSC
  • Git
  • VMWare
  • MAMP Pro
  • ImageOptim
  • Tower
  • JIRA/Trello
  • Mailchimp + Litmus
  • Adobe CC
  • Capture One

Website Portfolio


Built and launched in the span of only a few days due to extremely tight deadlines set by the client, this site promotes Bolthouse Farms' new lineup of carrot dogs, noodles, and rice.

Trait Biosciences

Part of a complete rebrand, we built and launched a Wordpress website in order to promote the capabilities and technologies of a cannabinoid production company based out of New Mexico.

Client E-Blasts

Multiple times per month, I code custom e-blasts for clients such as the Almond Board of California, Hass Avocados, and Potatoes USA. I do quality assurance through Litmus, and we generally send out the blasts through Mailchimp.

Thomas Farms Kitchen

A fast-paced Wordpress project, launched in order to promote Thomas Foods' new Thomas Farms Kitchen seasoned ground beef and burger patty products.

SRG 2018 Redesign

My second SRG website redesign, I worked closely with UX and our senior designers to rebuild the site from the ground up to reflect the company's updated color scheme and style.

Salba Chia

One of my first major Wordpress projects working for SRG, the site was designed and built from the ground up in order to promote their unique type of white chia seed for home users, wholesalers, manufacturers, and exporters.


An interactive Spanish + English landing page to promote a new lineup of cookie concepts complete with individual videos, photography by me, and a 360-degree draggable model of the packages created by our in-house design studio.

Bad Move Bob

A digital campaign for the Almond Board of California promoting snacking on almonds during football season. I was part of the video shoot, taking stills in between takes, as well as building an interactive, video-focused landing page featuring Bob and his man cave.

SRG 2014 Redesign

One of my first projects when starting at SRG was overhauling the company's web page from scratch, and making it mobile-optimized for the first time, by using comps provided by our senior designer.

Producer's Mixtape

One of my final (and most fun) projects at CP+B, I was brought on partway through the project to assist with the fit and finish of the responsive portion of the site before launch. This project utilized HTML/CSS editing, as well as learning some SVG.

Aspen Dental

The largest project I worked on while at CP+B, the Aspen Dental website overhaul utilized a large team of developers working on both updating both the back- and front-end sides of the site.

Photo/Video Portfolio

SRG Employees

As the primary photographer at the company, I'm responsible for taking studio photos of each new employee...and all of the office dogs too!

US Highbush Blueberry Council

A series of videos shot and edited by me for a partnership between the US Highbush Blueberry Council and Flavor & the Menu where our in-house and partner chefs created and concepted new recipes using all forms of blueberry for food service.

King's Hawaiian

A series of videos shot and edited by me for a partnership between King's Hawaiian and Flavor & the Menu where our in-house chefs created and concepted clever and unique uses for King's Hawaiian rolls for food service.


A series of recipe videos shot by me for their website teaching consumers how to cook recipes such as an Oaxacan breakfast pizza, moroccan mezze platter, and undon noodle bowl using the Ozo product.

Potatoes University

A series of recipe videos shot by me for their new Potatoes University course, teaching new chefs how to prepare, hold, and cook all forms and varieties of potato.

Sophie's Neighborhood

Video shot by me for a local charity called Sophie's Neighborhood dedicated to helping raise money to find treatments for an exceptionally rare destructive bone degeneration affecting a local Boulder child named Sophie.

American Seafood

Video shot and edited by me for American Seafood to teach food service providers new uses for their surimi product beyond just imitation crab.

Oat Yeah! by Silk

Food/drink photos shot and edited by me to assist Silk in kicking off their new line of oat-based milk which was premiered at a coffee festival.

Almond Board of California

Photo/video project to provide the Almond Board of California updated assets, a team of us traveled to the spring almond orchards to interview and learn how farmers are using more sustainable methods to grow almonds.

Bolder Innovation Forum

Photographer at a bi-yearly event called the Bolder Innovation Forum put on by SRG, in 2018 we also created some "hologram" machines, one of which contained an empty glass which virtually constructed a drink to inform the guests which cocktails were on offer.

SRG Event Photography

Photographer at any and all company events, such as our IT BBQ, Guac-Off, Corn Hole tournaments, Ping Pong tournaments, holidays, company picnic, and more!

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